How to make Shoyu/Tamari Koji

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Shio Koji Lamb

Shio Koji Lamb

How to make Shio Koji

How to make Shio Koji


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Umami Blaster! How to make Shoyu/Tamari Koji

Let's make Shoyu/Tamari Koji at home! It has a rich, bold flavor and delivers extra Umami compared to Shio Koji. Use this condiment to marinate or season your favorite protein or veggies. If you'd like a gluten-free option, choose Tamari instead of Shoyu (wheat-containing soy sauce). Simply mix one part rice koji (white or brown) and two parts Shoyu or Tamari.

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  • Prep Time: 5 mins


  • 100 g Rice Koji
  • 200 ml Shoyu (or Tamari)
  • Instructions

    1. Put the Koji in the container. Then add the Shoyu (Tamari) and mix them together. Close the lid. (Note: After mixing, the Koji and Shoyu will still be separated. However, over time, the Koji will absorb the Shoyu.) 
    1. Mix it once everyday or every other day for one week at room temperature. When it is completed, store in the refrigerator and use within 3 months. 
    1. *Left is made from Dried Koji, and right is made from Dried Koji Powder. 


    Note: You can use this recipe with either dry or fresh koji. Also, you can make this with koji powder. It's the same recipe, but the result will be a smooth texture. Simply mix one part koji powder and two parts Shoyu/Tamari.

    Application: When using to marinate, use 10% of the material weight you are marinating. E.g. 10 grams of Shoyu Koji per 100 grams of meat, fish etc.