Amazake Benefits

Amazake is a Japanese fermented food that has been enjoyed for many years because of its nutritious benefits. It is not only high in nutrients such as vitamin B, essential amino acids and naturally occurring glucose, but also boosts immunity, improves gut health, and has anti-aging effects. Let's review the nutritional components of Amazake.

  1. Enzymes
    Non-pasteurized amazake made from Koji contains over 100 kinds of enzymes. Here are the major enzymes that aid digestion:
    ・Amylase: breakdown of starch into simple sugar
    ・Protease: breakdown of protein into amino acids
    ・Lipase: breakdown of fat into fatty acids
    ・Cellulase: breakdown of dietary fiber to Oligosaccharide

  2. Vitamins
    Amazake is rich in Vitamins. Here are list of vitamins/benefits:
    ・Vitamin B1: Fatigue recovery, Stress relief
    ・Vitamin B2: Maintaining tissues 
    ・Vitamin B6: Maintaining immune function and mental stability
    ・Niacin: Supporting the nervous system, digestive system and skin 
    ・Folic acid: Helping red blood cell formation
    ・Pantothenic acid: Maintaining skin and hair health

    ・Biotin: Accelerating skin cell metabolism, improving skin and hair health

  3. Essential Amino Acids
    Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body and must be taken from food. Amazake contains 9 kinds of all essential amino acids. Essential amino acids  improve mood and sleep, increase metabolism, alleviate fatigue and stimulate muscle recovery after exercise, etc.

  4. Ergothioneine
    Ergothioneine is one of the amino acids. It is a powerful antioxidant, protects skin cells from oxidative damage and is anti-aging.

  5. Kojic Acid
    Kojic acid is only made from Koji. It inhibits the production of melanin in the skin, helping to reduce skin discoloration and can be found in cosmetic products. It is also high in antioxidants and good for anti-aging.

  6. Ferulic Acid
    Ferulic acid also is a powerful antioxidant. It has UV absorption properties and suppresses photo-aging of the skin.
  7. Oligosaccharide
    Oligosaccharide is produced by an enzyme of Koji. Oligosaccharide will reach the intestine without being digested by the stomach. It becomes food for beneficial bacteria in the intestine. 

  8. Dietary Fiber 
    Because Koji Amazake contains a lot of dietary fiber, it can improve the intestinal environment and improve bowel movements and elimination.