Pure Amazake (Freshly Frozen - Shipping)


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Pure Amazake (Freshly Frozen - Shipping) - Amazake Co.
Pure Amazake (Freshly Frozen - Shipping) - Amazake Co.

Sweet Fermented Rice Concentrate

This is freshly frozen amazake, it has a delicate, sherbet-like consistency, making it soft enough to easily scoop with a spoon or knife. It melts on toast or yogurt and dissolves in your favorite drinks. You can even enjoy it as a frozen treat. Either way, with this frozen option, just use what you need, and keep the rest frozen for up to 6 months!

Your Pure Amazake will be made to order and freshly frozen. Orders must be placed by the end of Wednesday for next week’s shipping between Monday through Wednesday. 

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  • Benefits:
    - Immune Boost
    - Improves Digestion and Elimination 
    - Fatigue Recovery
    - Anti-aging, Healthy Skin & Hair

    - Spring Water
    - Rice Koji (White Rice)
    - Organic Rice

    - Frozen up to 6 months
    - 8oz (227g)
    - BPA Free, Recyclable Plastic Container

  • Place your container/s in the freezer upon arrival. Keep it frozen and then scoop as desired and enjoy till expiration date. Alternatively, you can defrost it overnight in the fridge. Once it’s defrosted, please enjoy it within 7-10 days.

    1. Amazake Drink:
    - 1 (Pure Amazake) : 1 (Water/Hot water).
    You can add a pinch of salt or a dab of grated ginger root. This is a traditional Japanese recipe.
    - 1 (Pure Amazake) : 2~3 (Milk or Alternative Milk).
    You can add Matcha, Cacao, Cinnamon or other spices or seasonings that you like.

    2. Sweetener:
    You can can use pure amazake as you would use any jam or alternative sweetener: with toast, pancakes, yogurt, cereal, coffee, tea, protein shakes, smoothies, cooking (marinating) and baking. Substitute 3 tsp Pure Amazake for 1 tsp honey or according to taste. 

    3. Supplement:
    Take 1 tablespoon after the meal everyday to maintain gut health.

  • The care we put into making our amazake products extends to how we ship them to you.

    For our non-pasturized items, our number one goal is to offer the safest shipping methods possible. This means shipping them freshly frozen with 1 or 2 day shipping to maintain the freshness of these perishable products. 

    Our aim is to provide the highest quality of amazake products available on the market at the most reasonable cost to the customer with no inflated pricing.

    As a default, only UPS shipping options are available. However, if the FedEx rate is less than UPS, we will use FedEx and refund the difference. If you wish to know the shipping rate for FedEx beforehand, please email us for the quote. Also, UPS shipping may not be available at certain locations; if so, we can ship it via FedEx.

    Our Packaging:

    We only use recyclable materials for our boxes and liners. Our ice-packs are reusable and recyclable.

Pure Amazake (Freshly Frozen - Shipping) - Amazake Co.
Pure Amazake (Freshly Frozen - Shipping) - Amazake Co.

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