Koji Spores for Rice Koji from Bio'c


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Tane Koji / Koji Starter

This koji spore is suitable for making Rice Koji which can be used for Amazake and Shio-Koji (salted-koji) making.

The color of this spore is white, which results in bright white koji. This fungus grows relatively fast and is recommended for beginners. The amylase, a saccharifying enzyme, is strong and the power of this enzyme brings out the original sweetness and deliciousness of rice.

The finished koji can be used universally for Amazake, Shio-Koji, and koji pickles. The white color of this koji lasts a long time, so it is especially recommended for making amazake.

(This can be used to make 10kg/22lb of Rice Koji)

Shelf Life and Storage Information:
The expiration date is printed on the front label. Store in a cool, dry, dark place (59F°/ 15℃), avoiding direct sunlight and moisture. You can also store it in the refrigerator or freezer. When you remove it from the refrigerator/freezer, do so briefly to avoid condensation due to drastic temperature changes. After opening, use it sooner than later. Any remaining spores should be sealed well and stored as described above.

About Bio'c:
The oldest koji manufacturers in Japan, Bio'c started as Kojiya Sanzaemon in Kyoto 600 years ago. They are now located in Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture, which is known for its traditional Japanese fermentation of sake, miso, mirin, shoyu and vinegar brewing. Made in a temperature-controlled, clean room of the highest standards, they produce exceptional koji.