Mini Pure Amazake


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Sweet fermented rice concentrate
[Local delivery and farmers' market exclusive]

This is a half-sized jar of our signature creamy Pure Amazake.

- Immune Boost
- Improves Digestion and Elimination 
- Fatigue Recovery
- Healthy Skin & Hair
- Anti-Aging

- Spring Water
- Rice Koji (White Rice)
- Organic Rice

- Perishable. Keep refrigerated.
- Enjoy within 9-12 days
- 4oz (113g)
- Glass Container

How to enjoy:
1. Amazake Drink:
- 1 (Pure Amazake) : 1 (Water/Hot water).
You can add a pinch of salt or a dab of grated ginger root. This is a traditional Japanese recipe.
- 1 (Pure Amazake) : 2~3 (Milk or Alternative Milk).
You can add Matcha, Cacao, Cinnamon or other spices or seasonings that you like.

2. Sweetener:
You can can use pure amazake as you would use any jam or alternative sweetener: with toast, pancakes, yogurt, cereal, coffee, tea, protein shakes, smoothies, cooking (marinating) and baking. Substitute 3 tsp Pure Amazake for 1 tsp honey or according to taste. 

3. Supplement:
Take 1 tablespoon after the meal everyday to maintain gut health.