Japan-Crafted Amazake


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Japan-Crafted Amazake - Amazake Co.
Japan-Crafted Amazake - Amazake Co.
Japan-Crafted Amazake - Amazake Co.

Organic Brown Rice Amazake Concentrate

Our Japan-Crafted Amazake is made from organic brown rice and organic brown rice koji. It is concentrated, non-alcoholic, smooth and shelf-stable. In addition to the great benefits of Amazake, this concentrate has the whole-grain nutrition of brown rice.

  • Details
  • How to Enjoy
  • Storage Tips
  • Product Information:
    - Non-Alcoholic
    - No Preservatives
    - No Added Sugar
    - Non-Dairy
    - Vegan
    - Pasteurized
    - 8.8oz (250g)
    - Product of Japan

    - Water
    - Organic Brown Rice Koji
    - Organic Brown Rice

  • 1. Amazake Drink:
    - 1 (Japan-Crafted Amazake) : 1 (Water/Hot water).
    You can add a pinch of salt or a dab of grated ginger root to taste. This is a traditional Japanese recipe.
    - 1 (Japan-Crafted Amazake) : 2~3 (Milk or Alternative Milk).
    You can add Matcha, Cacao, Cinnamon or other spices or seasonings that you like.

    2. Sweetener:
    You can can use Japan-Crafted Amazake as you would use any jam or alternative sweetener: with toast, pancakes, yogurt, cereal, coffee, tea, protein shakes, smoothies, cooking (marinating) and baking. Substitute 3 tsp Japan-Crafted Amazake for 1 tsp honey or according to taste. 

    3. Nutritional Supplement:
    Take 1 tablespoon after meals to maintain gut health.

  • Storing Your Japan-Crafted Amazake: Best Practices

    This stand-up pouch is environmentally-friendly, recyclable and BPA free.

    To open, simply use a clean pair of kitchen scissors, and cut a corner of the pouch to squeeze out the amazake. Once opened and refrigerated, enjoy within 7 to 10 days. You can store the opened pouch in the refrigerator using a clip if needed, or transfer it to another clean container if you wish.

    *Pro-tip: Pour the amazake into an ice cube tray or another freezable container, so you can use it as needed and extend its shelf-life to 3 months. All of our concentrated amazake products have a soft, sorbet-like consistency when frozen, making it easy to scoop out the amount you need. 


    Japan-Crafted Amazake - Amazake Co.
    Japan-Crafted Amazake - Amazake Co.
    Japan-Crafted Amazake - Amazake Co.

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